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Damien Rensonnet

Olivier Lambrecht

Our Team

AIS combines 40+ years of experience mostly acquired during our tenure with world leading Private Equity and Sovereign Investment Houses. Over the years we have gained a strong expertise and deep knowledge of international investment structures with operations in Luxembourg. We have supervised financial, tax, accounting and legal aspects of more than 200 transactions (i.e. acquisitions, disposals, restructurings) and have organized efficient finance functions aligned with the global organisation and strategy of the business. This was done through hybrid models combining internal teams with outsourced workforces across Europe.

Damien Rensonnet

Damien Rensonnet


  • Based in Luxembourg for the last 20 years with more than 17 years of experience in the alternative investment industry. ​

  • Director focusing on fund operations and financial management of the European real estate investments of The Carlyle Group.

  • Board member of Carlyle’s regulated AIFM entity and of numerous Luxembourg fund and investment vehicles (acting as Chairman) since 2014.

  • Actively involved in structuring and closing of 100+ investments in multiple sectors and jurisdictions.

  • Led the design and set up of a European Real Estate fund, in light of international tax regulations, transfer pricing considerations and efficient fund operating guidelines.

  • Led teams with various technical backgrounds (finance, accounting, tax and legal), being the main point of contact in Luxembourg for investment deal teams.

  • Actively collaborated with asset managers and investors' relation groups to deliver Investor reporting requirements.

  • Coordinated quarterly investment valuations, ensuring consistency and quality of information among countries and investments. Analysed and documented results and variances for investment committee review and seamless external audit.

  • CSSF approved AIFM board member and Conducting Officer for Portfolio Management.

  • Luxembourg Chartered accountant.

Olivier Lambrecht

Olivier Lambrecht


  • For the last 11 years, oversaw the financial aspects and reporting processes of all European Real Estate investments of  the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA – Abu Dhabi's Sovereign Wealth Fund).

  • Prior to that at The Carlyle Group in Luxembourg for 4 years​ in charge of the financial control of real estate investments.

  • Managed, coached and developed teams of up to 10 people, looking after the financial aspects of portfolios going between USD 2bn to 9bn AUM with most investments flowing through Luxembourg.

  • Led several IT projects: ERP financial setup, development of enhanced Reporting solution, implementation of cash management solutions, etc. ​

  • Reviewed New Investment and Asset Management proposals in the light of the departmental Strategy.

  • Went through multiple reorganisation and implemented changes to ensure alignment and improve the coordination with the rest of the organisation.

  • Implemented a strong valuation process providing an outcome that both management and external audit partners were comfortable with.

  • Supported numerous transactions: acquisitions and asset management initiatives through a very effective and close collaboration with Investment teams.

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