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Why use our services ?

Temporary absence of a Senior Finance resource 

Your Luxembourg CFO, Finance Director or another Senior Finance resource is going to be absent for a few months. We can step in and take over the lead for an agreed period of time.

New office in Luxembourg

You have decided to create an office in Luxembourg but don't have yet anyone on the ground. We can accelerate your presence in Luxembourg and help you set up the main finance functions. Then we run operations locally until you have found the long term resources you need.

You want your service providers to perform better individually and together

You are running a hybrid or fully outsourced model. You are struggling to keep your different European service providers aligned and coordinated. We can help manage them and keep them under a tight leash.

Exciting IT project ahead

A key member of your Financial Control team has just resigned

You need time to ensure you are going to hire the right replacement and don't want to put your operations at risk. We can take over the position during your search.

You have a new acquisition and are looking for a trusted partner on specific closing workstreams

You have a large project ahead that is going to impact heavily your resources. We can step in to help you with the implementation of your project or help you maintain the quality in your operations while your staff is busy with the project.

You want to enhance your valuation process

Your valuation process is inefficient, compliance based and does not add value to the business. We can advise on best practice to streamline your process and help you redesign it to add valuable insights.

While your staff are busy negotiating terms of contracts : you can outsource to us the preparation of the "sources and uses" schedule and acquisition fund flow in line with investment structure and tax advisors recommendations.

Peak of activity ahead

You anticipate numerous transactions during the budget season resulting in a temporary peak of activity. We can help you in an outsourced way or in-house. 

You need a Luxembourg resident Independent Director

You want your Luxembourg platform to meet the best market standards in corporate governance and to adapt to a continually evolving investment management and regulatory environment. We can serve as Independent Directors that bring both knowledge and experience to the role. 

And much more!

Come to us with your story and let's see how we can assist you

How we can help

3 different ways

Accountant at Work

Flexible Senior Resources

We can step in all kind of senior finance positions if you have a temporary need or if you do not think that a FTE is necessary. The positions can be diverse: CFO, Financial Director, Senior Financial Controller, Head of accounting, etc.

Independent Directorship

We can serve as Directors on the board of your Luxembourg entities. You benefit from our strong CVs as well as from our sense of discretion and pragmatic approach.

A presentation at the office

Consulting and Assistance

We help you (re)design and implement your finance processes that you run internally. We can also participate in any project and help you manage it or take care of specific parts.

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Our Expertise

Accounting and Tax compliance

  • Monitoring of investment structures for compliance with accounting, legal, VAT, tax and regulatory obligations.

  • Implementation of process to ensure accurate SPVs accounting records and reporting from the bottom up.

  • Oversight and review of annual statutory financial statements of Luxembourg-based entities.

  • Oversight of statutory financial statements, tax filings, statutory audits and addressing of country-specific issues with the external auditors for European local investment entities.

Corporate governance / Legal

  • Organize board meetings and shareholders’ meetings held in Luxembourg and abroad (agreeing agenda items, collating board packs, drafting of minutes, etc.)

  • Act as point of contact for the board members and both internal and external advisers.

  • Advise SPV boards on governance matters.

  • Monitor transactions that require ad-hoc board approval and liaise with external lawyers or in-house legal team accordingly.

  • Supervise preparation of legal documentation (i.e. intercompany financing, incorporation of companies, corporate changes, etc.) in line with tax structure, at acquisition as well as during the entire life cycle of the investment.

Management and Coordination of third parties

  • Oversight and monitoring of the performance of third party advisors providing secretarial/legal, financial, tax, operational and accounting services.

  • Organisation of Request For Proposals (RFP) and identification of the right suppliers.

  • Implementation of communication protocols and processes between service providers and with your organisation.

Transaction Support

  • Preparation of "uses and sources" schedule and acquisition fund flow in line with investment structure and tax advisors recommendations.

  • Management of closing processes, including financial and tax due diligence.

  • Secure an efficient integration of new operations regarding accounting, reporting, tax and cash management. 

  • Ensure the appropriate documentation as it relates to the various funding/financing instruments, shareholder agreements, co-investment loans, etc.  

  • Provide accounting guidance and support to external and/or internal finance teams with purchase price allocation entries and other material transaction information.

Asset Management Support

  • Monitoring of fund/investment performance measurements as well as future scenarios analysis.

  • Financial monitoring of operations, including refurbishment and development projects.

  • Ensure accuracy of portfolio information on dedicated systems.

  • Provide asset management team with ad hoc financial information / analysis (i.e. refinancing, disposals, etc.).

  • Monitor debt covenants, liaising with asset management team and external lender.

External Audit Management

  • Coordinate with local auditors to ensure information is provided on a timely manner and deadlines are met.

  • Proactively anticipate challenges from auditors and implement appropriate solutions in agreement with the audit partner.

Risk Management

  • Help set up pragmatic processes to document investment risks and mitigators.

  • Help define a strategy to identify and track operational risks.


  • Oversee, review, and, where necessary, participate in the preparation of periodic individual and consolidated financial reports under local, US GAAP and IFRS.

  • Design and prepare reports that inform your decision makers and investors on the performance of your strategy.

  • Help identifying the adequate technology to convert financial as well as non financial data into meaningful reports.

Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Define the budgeting and forecasting process involving the relevant stakeholders leading to a comprehensive and coherent input.

  • Coordinate the different processes leading to the final product.

  • Design a feedback process reporting the output of the budget numbers to the relevant consumers.

  • Hands on management of the office, including review all corporate / overhead cost allocations and personnel matters.

  • Organize and implement any office logistics, relocation, rental negotiations, office furniture, equipment and supplies.

Valuation process

  • Define valuation processes that comply with the relevant regulations and that the external auditors are comfortable with.

  • Challenge the outcome to ensure that the valuer considered all elements.

  • Run the valuation process: coordinate the different stakeholders, organize the necessary meetings, ensure achievement of the deadlines.

IT Solutions Financial Setup

  • Assist in the setup and on-boarding of new systems and software.

  • Organize and manage migration from one system to another.

  • Help define the appropriate systems for specific situations.

Cash Management

  • Organize and supervise acquisition and distributions wire transfers in accordance with fund flow and corporate structure.

  • Manage and oversee entity level cash flow planning to ensure funds are available as needed for operations.

  • Organize appropriate inter-company funding in line with tax advice.

  • Implement seamless process for suppliers invoices payment.

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